xgenus and xgenus DC are the latest evolution of the worldwide known de Götzen intraoral generators, designed for the highest level of reliability to keep the user interaction experience at the same level over time, enclosing the finest technology to guarantee high standards of image quality and beautifully designed for a perfect integration in any environment.

Reliable technology

The intraoral generators of the xgenus family pack together the years of experience of degotzen in designing technologically advanced and reliable solution for dental radiology field. The two members of the family, the DC and the AC version, are engineered to guarantee high quality beam and precise control on the exposure times, for the best outcome of any exam.

High flexibility

The different options available allows you to configure the device tailored on your needs and your preferences, wide selection of arm lengths is available as well as a full set of cone types which allow you set the shape of the beam and the source-to-skin distance, everything ensuring the best experience as always on device positioning during its operation: the arm is light enough to be positioned with one finger!

Clean design

The clean and simple design of the xgenus family generators guarantees a seamless integration of the devices in any environment. The interaction with the unit is outmost simple thanks to high user-friendliness of the control panel equipped with large soft touch buttons and LED lights to always have under control the status of the device.

xgenusxgenus DC
Half Value Layer (HVL) at 70 kV2 mm Al2,2 mm Al
Total filtration at 70 kV2,3 mm Al2,4 mm Al
Tube inherent filtration at 70 kV> 1 mm Al> 1 mm Al
Focal spot size 0,7 mm0,7 mm
X-ray tube tension accuracy ±10%±10%
X-ray tube current accuracy ±20%±20%
Radiation linearity ±10%±10%
X-ray emission time accuracy ±20 ms 0,020 s ≤ t ≤ 0,320 s
±5% 0,400 s ≤ t ≤ 3,2 s
±20 ms 0,020 s ≤ t ≤ 0,320 s
±5% 0,400 s ≤ t ≤ 3,2 s
Reproducibility 0,050,05
GeneratorSingle phase X-ray generatorAt constant potential
X-ray tube nominal current8 mA4 mA / 8 mA
X-ray tube nominal voltage70 kV60 / 70 kV
Exposure times0,080 s ÷ 3,2 s (17 steps)0,020 s ÷ 3,2 s (23 steps)
Reference current-time product0,8 mAs 8 mA 0,1 s0,8 mAs 8 mA 0,1 s
0,4 mAs 4 mA 0,1 s
Intensity of radiation in the air> 30 μGy/h at 1 m from focal spot> 30 μGy/h at 1 m from focal spot
Leakage radiation (measured @ 70kV, 8 mA, 3,2 s)< 0,25 mGy/h at 1 m from focal spot< 0,25 mGy/h at 1 m from focal spot
Operating cycle1:321:32
Total weight23 kg (wall mounting)
50 kg (mobile version)
19,5 kg (wall mounting)
47 kg (mobile version)
Weight of the tubehead9 Kg5,5 Kg
Mechanical configurationWall mounting, top and bottom / MobileWall mounting, top and bottom / Mobile
Source-skin distance (SSD)short cone 20 cm (8’’)
long cone 31 cm (12’’)
rectangular cone 31 cm (12’’)
short cone 20 cm (8’’)
long cone 31 cm (12’’)
rectangular cone 31 cm (12’’)
X-ray beam dimensionshort cone ≤ 60 mm
long cone ≤ 60 mm
rectangular cone 44x35 mm
short cone ≤ 60 mm
long cone ≤ 60 mm
rectangular cone 44x35 mm

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