xgenus Lïra represents the summa of decades of experience in radiographic imaging acquired by de Götzen.
Be surprised by the cutting-edge technology of this device and its brilliant solutions, which makes it the perfect companion for any specialist.


Thanks to its modular design, xgenus Lïra grows along with your needs, offering you an all-in-one upgradable solution for PAN, CBCT and CEPH imaging. The device can be configured to ensure the maximum comfort for the operator and for the patient, in all conditions.

wide range of application

xgenus Lïra is engineered to cover a wide range of applications: endodontics and conservative dentistry thanks to its smaller cbct FOV of 40x40mm at the ultra-high resolution of 75u, implantology, dental surgery, gnathology with its bigger FOVs, orthodontics and general or pediatric dentistry.

accuracy at your fingertips

Xgenus Lïra is the answer for an accurate and reliable diagnosis. Its 360 degrees rotating arm guarantees striking contrast and spatial resolution. Never miss your target with the laser-aided positioning of the scanning area and the scout functionality. Xgenus Lïra is calibrated to give you the highest tissues density accuracy for a CBCT system for a successful implant planning.

go digital

With xgenus Lïra you are already in the digital dentistry world, discover deGis and its unlimited world of possibilities, it’s the easiest way to manage your patient, drive your degotzen imaging devices and accurately plan your surgery for a safer outcome.

xgenus Lïra 3Dxgenus Lïra 3D CEPH
Total Filtration2.8 mm Al eq. @ 85kVp (Pan, TMJ, Sinus, Ceph)
Tube Voltage60 - 90 kV60 - 90 kV
Anodic current4 - 12 mA4 - 12 mA
Focal spot0.5 mm0.5 mm
TypeCMOS detectors with CsI scintillatorCMOS detectors with CsI scintillator
Pixel sizepan/ceph: 100 μm
3D: 100 μm (Fine mode) - 200 μm (Fast mode)
Voxel size75 μm minimum
2D ProgramsPanoramic (adult/child) - Lateral TMJ (L/R) - Frontal TMJ (L/R) - Maxillary Sinuses Frontal View
Maxillary Sinus Lateral View (R/L) - Half panoramic (L/R) - Frontal Dentition - Ortho Rad Panoramic
3D ProgramsDental FOV (4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 11x8 cm) - Ear (6x6) - Nose (11x8)
Ceph ProgramsSkull Latero-Lateral (LL), Postero-Anterior (PA)
Antero-Posterior (AP), Carpus
Footprint1000x1500 mm2000x1500 mm
Height2190 mm (max)2230 mm (max)
Weight170 kg205 kg

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