Our Current Vacancies List

Il/la candidato/a, a supporto del responsabile di Produzione, svolgerà le seguenti funzioni:

• Analisi, dimensionamenti e studi di fattibilità riguardanti l’Intra Logistica
• Progettazione tecnica e dettagliata di Layout, flussi operativi in ottica lean
• Identificazione di strumenti Hardware e Software
• Stesura di capitolati tecnici per nuovi progetti
• Formazione e condivisione degli strumenti e delle metodologie adottate

Requisiti Essenziali
• Laurea triennale in ingegneria o diploma tecnico con esperienza in ruoli simili;
• Buona conoscenza delle tecniche Lean;
• Buona conoscenza del pacchetto Office, in particolare di Excel;
• Buon livello di Inglese parlato e scritto;

Principali competenze
• Disponibilità e curiosità;
• Precisione e organizzazione;
• Dinamicità, attitudine a lavorare in autonomia e coinvolgimento per le attività in team.

Condizioni contrattuali:
• Tipologia contrattuale e pacchetto economico commisurato all’esperienza

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Responsible for setting up, maintaining, and evolving the ACTEON cloud infrastructure.
The candidate is expected to understand the core AWS services and apply best practices regarding security and scalability.

Duties and responsibilities:
- Be responsible for the planning, implementation, and maintenance of the ACTEON cloud infrastructure with the goal of high availability, fault-tolerance and scalability.
- Be responsible for build, release, and manage the configuration of all production systems
- Adopt necessary cybersecurity measures to ensure system security
- Adopt a continuous integration and deployment methodology for server-based technologies
- Collaborate with other teams to design and implement scalable software services
- Ensure the highest level of quality in all the software that is delivered
- Ensures engineering project activities, objectives, and tactics are recorded, published, and understood together with the design process in agreement with the standards in force (i.e. IEC 62304)
- Participate in company design reviews
- Perform software coding and verification
- Develop test methodology and to execute test plans
- Debug existing code and fix software defects

Mandatory Qualifications:
- Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or related discipline with a technical/scientific background
- Strong experience using AWS
- Experience designing and building web environments on AWS, which includes working with services like EC2, ELB, RDS, and S3
- Experience building and maintaining cloud-native applications
- A solid background in Linux/Unix and Windows server system administration
- 7+ years of software development experience
- Experience of developing multithreaded software
- Fluent in English (oral and written)

Required skills:
- Experience using DevOps tools in a cloud environment
- Experience installing and configuring application servers
- Knowledge of the most-used programming languages for cloud computing
- Proficiency in script development
- Source code management skills
- Effective interpersonal and communication skills
- Proactive working attitude, self-driven and self-motivated
- Fast learning capability
- Committed persons looking for long-term growth
- Respect deadlines, able to work under pressure and deliver high-standard products
- Comfortable working in a dynamic and technically complex domain
- Experience in web application development will be a plus
- AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate/Professional preferred

- Direct report to the R&D Director Imaging BU

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Being part of a new core team of vision scientists, your mission will be to proactively perform SW development in a medical regulated environment in the field of 3D Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AR/VR/MR SW development, with the scope to apply brand new solutions for our products, able to improve the quality of healthcare.

Duties and responsibilities:
- Develop computer vision algorithms on images derived from acquisitions relevant to x-ray related information (3D CT dataset, 2D x-ray images, dental video cameras and endoscopy video cameras) but also extended to stereovision applications or any other medical imaging source.
- Develop SW for Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality application for the dental/medical field
- Research and identify next generation algorithms in 3D Computer Vision & Machine Learning fields for adoption into future Flagship Products
- Develop novel real-time 3D scene reconstruction techniques
- Support to architect and design learning solution by means of Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Immersive reality
- Apply machine learning to computer vision problems and medical imaging source datasets

Mandatory Qualifications:
- Master’s Degree or PhD in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Robotics/Computer Graphics or related discipline with a technical/scientific background
- 4+ years of proficient experience in C/C++ programming, including performance optimization and multi-threaded code GPU computing (CUDA or OpenGL)
- Experience with computer vision/machine learning libraries such as OpenCV, Matlab or similar
- Knowledge in machine learning and 3D geometry
- Prototyping skills
- Strong understanding of Computer Vision technologies and future trends
- Excellent math skills
- Experience with Augmented Reality SDKs
- Expertise and hands-on experience in one or more of the following areas: Algorithms for 3D Vision, 3D modeling/Depth sensing, Object Segmentation/Tracking, applications for AR/VR/MR
- Microsoft HoloLens or related developing experience would be preferable (with relevant C# programming language)
- Fluent in English (oral and written)

Required skills:
- Strong written and verbal communication skills
- Self-motivated, independent, and comfortable working in a dynamical team environment.
- Strong problem analysis and solving skills
- Knowledge of Agile development methodologies
- Very good teamwork and communication skills
- Ability to thrive within a multidisciplinary dynamic team
- You bring fresh ideas and a motivated working manner and ensure you remain passionate

- Direct report to the R&D Director Imaging BU

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